• Includes: 50+ Feedback (100%)
  • UK 1000/£10,000 Monthly Limits
  • UK eBay + UK PayPal Account

     Aged + AVS Verified



Please note;

  • All accounts have no bank account attached. You will need to attach one to withdraw to and this can normally be done online within minutes,
  • All PayPal accounts will be subject to 21 day holds if selling on eBay (no seller can guarantee the account does not come with 21 day holds as PayPal can and will impose this at any time),
  • Selling counterfeit goods, VERO, Intangible items, brand names and copyrighted items is a quick way to getting an account limitation and we do not advise doing this!
  • These accounts do not have EU limits lifted,

High Feedback Sellers Account