Why we are eBay and PayPal experts

We have been selling since 2008 and consider ourselves eBay and PayPal veterans.

Like most people, we started selling on eBay with no issues. But one day, without warning, our account was shut down and we went from running a profitable business to being closed down.

We started googling around and noticed this was a very common occurrence for a lot of sellers on eBay and PayPal. So we decided to start researching and developing methods of creating accounts that would allow us to get back on eBay to start selling again.

9 years later, we consider ourselves experts in the field and have created hundreds of accounts for friends, family, and customers.

There are too many variables that can lead to a suspended, closed, or banned account, which limits your sales and profit. Don’t spend the time and effort trying to figure out how to get back on, we already did that. Focus your time and energy on the actual selling, and leave the account issues to us. We have pre-made seller accounts, which you will be able to purchase, which will enable you to start selling immediately on eBay. How do these work you might wonder? They’re called stealth accounts. They’re created using an alias and different information, which will have no tie to you, thus allowing you to use the account, or multiple accounts. You cannot simply create an account yourself and try selling again, you will be suspended again/linked to a previously banned/suspended account.


These stealth accounts take several weeks and sometimes up to a month to create. It's a very careful and precise method that requires extreme attention to detail. There are several different types of accounts available, depending on how much you need to sell. All accounts come with a short stealth guide, that will give you instructions as well as tips/advice on how to manage your new eBay and PayPal account. We understand you want to get back online and start selling ASAP — we have an incredibly fast customer service system in place.

Just send us an email, and see how fast you’ll get a response.