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We are eBay and PayPal experts and have been selling account's since 2011

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We have been selling since 2011 and consider ourselves eBay and PayPal veterans.

Like most people, we started selling on eBay with no issues. But one day, without warning, our account was shut down and we went from running a profitable business to being closed down.

We started googling around and noticed this was a very common occurrence for a lot of sellers on eBay and PayPal. So we decided to start researching and developing methods of creating accounts that would allow us to get back on eBay to start selling again.

9 years later, we consider ourselves experts in the field and have created hundreds of accounts for friends, family, and customers.


Limited on PayPal?


Are your selling limits too low?


Suspended from eBay?

We are eBay and PayPal experts and have been selling account's since 2011

So you got suspended, banned, or your PayPal account is limited.

Or are your selling limits too low? What now?

All your personal details that were on your suspended/banned/limited account are now blacklisted. You cannot use that account anymore, and if you create a new eBay or PayPal account with ANY of your previous information (such as name, address, phone number, credit card, bank account, pictures, listings, and even your internet connection) your new account will be linked to your previous suspended/limited and your new account will also be suspended.

If your selling limits are simply too low, you have a couple of options.
1. You can request higher limits. That can take 30 days
2. You can purchase one of our stealth accounts

What's the solution? How can I get back to selling ASAP?!

Simple. Our eBay Stealth Accounts. But wait! What are eBay Stealth Accounts?

A stealth account is your new alias. It's an eBay + PayPal account created using fictional information. Imagine if you had a pet chicken, and you decided to create an eBay + PayPal account for your pet chicken. Your chicken would need his or her own address, phone number, credit card, email and bank information. That's where we come in. We have created hundreds of accounts since 2011 and you'll be able to have access to a stealth account by simply login in with the username and password that we provide you with. You'll have a new eBay + PayPal account with high selling limits, and you'll be able to start selling immediately. Your new stealth account will last you a lifetime as long as you follow the instructions given to properly run it. Most importantly, this new account will not share any of your previously suspended or limited account details, thus allowing you to get back on to eBay and PayPal to start selling ASAP




What makes our eBay stealth accounts the best online?

1. The best most up to date account creation methods

  • All U.K eBay stealth accounts come with the sim card used to make the account "posted directly to you"

  • These eBay Stealth Accounts are Aged (which makes them more stable)!

  • These eBay Stealth Accounts are Verified with Full AVS or VCC

  • Address Confirmed and Verified!

  • The account’s delivered in under 24hrs!

  • 24/7 lifetime support!

2. Lightning-fast customer service.

  • All emails, orders, or questions are responded within 24 hours

What separates us from other stealth account sellers?

We are based in the U.K

We take many steps beyond what other ordinary account creators take.

The majority of other stealth account sellers use VCC's to register their eBay and PayPal accounts. These are virtual credit cards, and they cannot confirm or verify the name or address on the eBay or PayPal accounts. This can be problematic and cause issues down the road. All our eBay stealth accounts are aged and AVS verified which strengthens the stability of the accounts. AVS Verified CCs are real credit cards that have a matching name, address and phone numbers that match the details on the eBay / PayPal accounts. Most online sellers don't age the accounts, or they skip out on full AVS CC registration because they cut corners to save time and money.

But not us. We spend a lot of time and consideration into each and every stealth account to ensure our customers never experience a suspension or limitation in the future. The majority of other stealth account sellers take easy and fast routes to mass create accounts, which can lead to future account linking, suspensions and limitations.

Our stealth accounts take several weeks and sometimes up to a month to create. The more time and careful planning we take into creating the accounts, the fewer problems you'll have in the future and ultimately the happier you'll be.

We care about you. We want happy customers coming back to us for continued business.

We think very highly of ourselves and you'll soon realize why we're the very best online.

We are based in the United Kingdom

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